DeturbulatorTM Research was incorporated to advance knowledge of "deturbulator" boundary-flow control methods and to promote the development and application of this important new technology. The Deturbulator Project documents the work of our principle investigator from 2003 when he began measuring deturbulator effects on glider performance. Deturbulator Research solicits funding for this ongoing effort and publishes results to enable academic and commercial R&D projects world wide.

Dick Johnson
In December 2006, the legendary Richard H. (Dick) Johnson tested the first deturbulator configuration to yield repeatable, but not consistent, results. He confirmed average improvements of 13% to 18% and concluded his report, with the observation that deturbulation "could be the first really significant drag-reducing aerodynamic invention since the development of the now-common laminar-flow airfoils that were developed some 65 years ago."

Sufficient data now exists to justify R&D efforts to understand and model deturbulated boundary flow dynamics, to develop new airfoils that exploit the technology and to develop practical applications in aviation, wind power, ground transportation, etc. Our principle investigator has more experience testing and flying deturbulators than anyone. He is available for consulting assignments to facilitate your R&D project.

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